Anonymous asked: What do you think of all the haters, Smexy? Why do you think they hate? By the by, you're my favorite CP~ *hugs*

Eh, I’ve just got one of those hateable personality’s.

*hugs you back*


extreme-waffle-kitty-skittle asked: Do u 2 lik cheezkake



Anonymous asked: Let me stay at your place.


*abducts you and traps you in one of his rape dungeons, never to return to the outside world*


Anonymous asked: I will sacrifice you to the goats

Funny. Most of the time people try to sacrifice goats to me for whatever dumb reason.
But hey, I get a free goat out of it, so im not complaining.


thundakitten asked: Hey, is your weakness blankets, 'cause you know, blankets protect you from everything?


You wish~


Anonymous asked: I don't want to imagine what happens when you come near a school class filled with 15 to 16 year olds o_e

Then quit thinking about it if you dont want to imagine it so badly.


Anonymous asked: Have any of your victims ever given you concent, Smexy?

Lot of them actually.


Anonymous asked: heh hey offender I'm Valerie so anyway I'm new to the mansion I was wondering what if a girl does not accept your rose what would you do?*my hood covers my face but my red eyes glow*

What mansion?


brynnone12 asked: Question 2 arc an smexy, How long do I hv a baby for because my slender Rapper got me pregnet. And I don't knw what 2 do HELP!

Arc: and are you a human? jeeze, I’d be more worried about your health than “however long it’ll take the baby to arrive”.

from all Ive seen about slender-being pregnancy’s, the baby typically starts clawing and biting, and generally ripping you up from the inside when it’s ready to be born. If I were you, i’d be more worried about that sorta stuff.


Anonymous asked: I don't suppose you like any sports?

Sometimes I break into locker rooms and fuck all the players right before a big game so their team ends up losing :3


Anonymous asked: Remember me Offender?! I was your first, you were my last!

Anon, I pretty sure I can say with 100% certainty that you are not the first one I have ever fucked. At best, your probably more like a plaything #2,038.


Anonymous asked: I think Krueger wants his hat back.

Oh please, my hat is way more classy than his ratty old thing. Just ask Trender! He’ll back me up.


Anonymous asked: Hello Lovelies. I adore you and Fender,Arc. But I was wondering if you'd seen the ..I think 12 year old on Deviantart that is trying to say she's Fender's Proxy, and is editing tentacles and such into photos of herself. (tentacles wrapped around her arms,Smexy's hands on her chest,that type of thing, etc.) they were submitted to the Smexy Slender group, that's how I saw them. I find that slightly concerning given the Slender-verses younger fan base as of late. what are your opinions on this?

Arc: it’s getting so hard to keep track of all these newcomers and direct them to the more mature depictions of the guy. and i mean mature as in actually thoughtful and reasoned, not mature as in “gratuitous sex and erotic themes”  because they can take care of that stuff themselves.

it really isn’t a good thing that so many can slip by, not being given the opportunity to have the character encourage them to think more deeply about the subject matter he represents, and i wish there were a more efficient way for the fandom to self-regulate its members in ways that don’t come off as overbearing or insulting to the newcomers.

I mean, this isn’t supposed to be the kind of fandom to turn up their nose at sexual content, whether made by an amateur or not.
it’s about encouraging everyone to make the sort of content they were probably going to make anyway, but better, and with the kind of support that encourages them to gain something more positive from their actions then they might have otherwise.
and so far, Ive been pretty proud of his fandom for proving to show such understanding and empathetic behavior the majority of the time. Ive hardly seen anything in the way of elitist behavior, just a lot of mutual respect for each fellow participant in the appreciation of this morally questionable thing.

but it’s still getting to much for me to handle on a case by case basis anymore for newcomers, and I’m just so tired and burnt out, there is no way i could effectively do such a thing entirely on my own.

but it’s still an important matter to face because it’s degrading to the fandom as a whole the more the character gets used so carelessly. and our obligation to make the attempt, even an unsuccessful attempt, to show respect to those who have been victims of sexual assault in our usage of the character, get’s neglected through no fault of their own.

although i have been meaning to try and make something to help newcomers be directed towards the more important content they should aware of going into the fandom. just anything to make it easier for them.

and as for those of you reading this with appreciation for what i have to say and the desire to help.
I guess i would say the best thing to do is to lead by example. make more of the content you would want newcomers to see when they’re being introduced to the character, direct them to the sort of existing content that would be beneficial to them.
encourage everyone to respectfully treat everyone else with respect, because we’re dealing with a god damn tentacle rape monster called sexual offenderman here! we’re on thin ice enough as is, you honestly think it’s a good idea to start pulling any bullshit about whose the “best fan” of a fictional serial rapist who’s name you can barely even say aloud he’s such an insulting stereotype?
stuff like that.


japanesecommunity asked: Hey Arc, why not go have fun this Halloween?

Arc: I sure hope i’ll get to have lots of fun this halloween.


Anonymous asked: If you are still looking for swear words I usually go with uneducated pop tart, ignorant walnut, and uncultured toucan.

Arc: those sound pretty good as well