Taking a break from tumblr to draw comics and whatnot

((Be back whenever))

Eh, nevermind, I gotta go to bed


ask-jenna-and-luther asked: Whats up

Arc: I’m tired and bored and I got a lot of work to do.

Arc: hey, anyone wanna talk about stuffs?



Arc: so what u wanna talk about?


ask-jenna-and-luther asked: Hello

Arc: hey.


ask-zana-morningstar asked: Kate: Hello, Miss Arc, Thank you for allowing me to hangout with you. He's not here is he? He is terrifying!

Arc: nah, he’s off doing his thing. I got the place to myself.


romero334 asked: When things get very confusing I go into a cardboard box and usually stay there till it's over

Arc: I wish I could could just ignore he complexity’s of life like that sometimes.
But no, I gotta be all thoughtful and trying to figure out stuff and junk.

Arc: hey, anyone wanna talk about stuffs?

  1. ticcitobyissocute answered: I wanna talk about stuffs im kinda bored so yesh
  2. mrddragon007 answered: Sure, wanna talk about Things and Stuff? Stuff an Things? xD
  3. asktheclarsonsiblings answered: Mun: Sure. What do you wanna talk about? XD
    useless-worthless-nobody answered: How’s yo lifez?


    Arc: I dunno, I’m generally terrible at starting conversations. what do u guys wanna talk about?

    And my life’s super busy making all this art stuff.


asktheclarsonsiblings asked: Mun: This is what I got from Google translating your French; "Who cut the cheese?" lol I'm sorry, but- PFFFFFFFFFFFT!!! XD That made my day! XD

Arc: I learn’t it from the classic “Frenching with Freakazoid”.
a cartoon I’d highly recommend if you haven’t seen it already.
Honestly, I’d say that Freakazoid has to be one of my all time favorite cartoons.
It’s a shame they never got that movie deal.

Arc: hey, anyone wanna talk about stuffs?


Anonymous asked: I'm sad...

Arc: want me to send you a link to david hasselhoff singing on Broadway? That generals cheers me up a bit.
Or better yet I could show you the “man on a buffalo” saga.


iloveslendy020 asked: do you like having fan girls ?

Arc: it’s okay I guess. I mean it makes it pretty easy when I wanna talk to someone, I can just complain to you guys and not get a lick of sass out of anyone, what with being all respected most of the time and junk.


Anonymous asked: Please, say something in French.

Arc: qui a coupe le fromage?